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Research & Interviews

Conducted under the direction of Dr. John T. Chirban, this study is designed to understand causes of college suicide and better methods for prevention.  Parents and college students affected by suicide are invited to participate in a national survey on college student suicide. 

Upcoming Publications:

1. THE ABYSS; Conquering Suicide; 2022.


Research Project on College Suicide

 Dr. Chirban Releases Research with Dr. Phil  on Effects of COVID-19 for Children 

This study was designed to understand the impact of the shutdown of COVID-19 for children and adolescents as reported by parents.  Parents revealed significant changes in the behaviors and lives of their children in response to COVID-19.

Teenage Girls with Masks

Interviews Housed at Harvard Libraries


Approximately one-hundred hours of Dr. Chirban’s interviews with B. F. Skinner from 1970 to 1991 are housed at The Harvard University Archives.  The selected recordings address particular topics of psychology, spirituality, religion, philosophy, sociology, and science.

Interviews from Harvard seminar on Motivation and Success


Over one-hundred hours of interviews of 50 of the most achieved professionals across disciplines, as identified by their peers addressing “The Balance of Personal and Professional Life” and their personal lives and values.  This Longitudinal Study with Dr. John Chirban includes—[list all from this attachment with their identification]: 


Maya Angelou (Poet—Civil Rights Activist)

Lucille Ball (Entertainer - Businesswoman)

Eileen Collins (Space Commander)

Bette Davis (Actress)

Billie Jean King (Athlete)

Jeanne Kirkpatrick (United Nations Ambassador)

Sandra Day O’Conner (Supreme Court Justice)

Diane Sawyer (Journalist, News Anchor)


Donna Summer (Singer

William Bennett (Secretary of Education)

Tom Brokaw (News Anchor)

Tom Hanks (Actor)

Ron Howard (Director)

C. Everett Koop (Surgeon General)

Archbishop Tutu (Theologian-Human Rights Activist)



Audio recording of Interview with Tom Brokaw, November 26 2001

Audio recording of Interview with Sandra Day O'Connor September 30, 2003

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