Interviewing in Depth

The Interactive-Relational Approach

In Interviewing in Depth, John T. Chirban presents an innovating and powerful interviewing method—the interactive-relational approach.  This approach to interviewing  promises and delivers a clearer and deeper portrait of the person. By focusing on how the interviewer participates more fully in the interview, through specific engagements in the relationship, Chirban shows how the interviewer manages an authentic connection while maintaining a professional stance.

Providing excerpts of interviews in journalism, oral histories, and psychohistory, Chirban draws espcially from his work with B. F. Skinner and Lucille Ball, in addition to several others leaders with whom he has worked, as well as a range of students and patients, illustrating how the interactive-relational approach differs from more traditional techniques and strengthens interviewing for the health professions, communications, and business, as well as psychology.

What's Love Got To Do With It:

Talking With Your Kids About Sex

Today's society churns out endless images promising sexual fulfillment but doesn't adequatley make the connection between sex and love. So how do your children learn to integrate their sexual, emotional, and spiritual feelings and values with their real-life experiences in relationships? There is no one more appropriate than you to launch and guide your children on this journey.

What's Love Got To Do With It? shows how you can model positive approaches to sexuality while responsibly guiding your children through the confusing and often negative sexual images and messages they constantly receive. This book will guide you in how to help them develop the confidence, integrity, and honesty necessary for dealing with the challenges of sex with a healthy perspective.

What's Love Got To Do With It? is a call to action for parents to begin a dialogue with their children on this vital aspect of life. The effort you put in will result in great rewards as a parent. You will be able to talk with your children about some of the most senistive and critical aspects of their lives. You will witness your children's fulfillment as they make strong connections between sex, intimacy, and love—and develop honest and meaningful relationships.

Book Publications

True Coming of Age


The audiobook of True Coming of Age is now available nationwide, through bookstores and online sellers. Click the image for purchasing information, or visit for details.

True Coming of Age

A Dynamic Process That Leads to Emotional Well-Being, Spiritual Growth, and Meaningful Relationships

In this reflective and engaging book, Dr. Chirban shares exclusive personal insights from dozens of notable Americans with whom he worked, including Tom Hanks, Maya Angelou, Diane Sawyer, Lucille Balle, Ron Howard, and Tom Brokaw. More than individual stories of struggle, achievement, and success, these profiles zero in on personal concerns that we all share in our quest for both authenticity and meaningful connections.

In this journey toward self-knowledge and fulfillment, you’ll also discover the four-step process that opens the door to a meaningful life:

  • Knowing Your True Self—As you look honestly at yourself, you will rediscover your innate gifts—spontaneity, reasoning, creativity, free will, spirituality, discernment, and love.
  • Opening Your Heart—In beginning to build fulfilling connections, you will allow your True Self to express who you are to yourself and others.
  • Embracing Your Soul—When you feel abandoned or isolated, and seek to grow toward your potential, you discover how to bring commitment, focus, and discipline into your life with the enduring connection that comes from the Spirit.
  • Integrating Your Life—In bringing together your True Self, open heart, and fully embraced soul, you will be able to foster healthy, intimate connections.

As you explore the personal stories and learn to explore and master the four-step process, you’ll begin to understand your authentic nature and engage your innate gifts—igniting your unique evolution and experiencing True Coming of Age.

Holistic Healing in Byzantium

Holistic healing is a popular topic in modern times. Wherever we turn, we see modern, allopathic physicians, as well as traditional health care workers, stating confidently that healing the whole person is greater than healing a single part. Holistic Healing in Byzantium explains how this principle of holism, rooted in centuries of healing practiced by the Byzantines, applied their view of our psychosomatic nature to guide the healing process of the whole person. Additionally, this book shows how the study and application of different methodologies among healing professionals in Byzantium lends support for an interdependent approach to healing for helping professionals today.

Holistic Healing in Byzantium makes available to its reader both a compelling approach to health care in history and the epistemological and methodological paradigms guiding an effective approach to care for the body, mind, and soul.  Articulating the holistic foundation of personhood in Byzantium, through this book, Dr. Chirban explains how the Byzantines constructed a powerful approach of holistic healing that finds modern application in our own time.

How to Talk With Your Kids About Sex

Someone is going to be teaching your kids about sex... shouldn't it be you?

Prime time television programs, retail clothing ads, Internet pop-ups, even games and cartoons—wherever we look, today’s society churns out endless sex-filled images that children have no capacity to understand, let alone process. So how can you prepare your child for a sexually explicit world and help them make the all-important connections between sex and love in their life?

With humor, compassion, and real-life examples, noted Harvard psychologist Dr. John Chirban helps parents handle issues of sexuality—from their earliest years through adolescence and into adulthood. Drawing on scientific research and years of clinical experience, he offers tools that strengthen the parent/child relationship and insights on how to:

  • Open lines of communication at every stage of your child’s development
  • Define your values so you can clearly convey them to your child
  • Mentor your child on sexual matters and the meaning of intimacy and love
  • Help your child understand and make the connections between sex, intimacy, and love

Dr. Chirban also includes exercises to help you clarify your own feelings about sexuality and sexual issues, improve your listening and communication skills, and discover how your child feels about his or her body—pointing out that kids needs their parents most concerning sexual issues, a topic where parents feel most uncomfortable and reserved. You’ll find guidelines on what to say, when to say it, and who you should say it to. In addition, Dr. Chirban provides troubleshooting tips on some tricky topics that may have left you floundering.

How to Talk with Your Kids about Sex prepares parents for healthy and ongoing conversation that will equip their kids to own their own sexuality and to understand the larger issues of relationships, love, commitment, and intimacy. By opening up meaningful, honest conversation on sexuality with your kids will provide them invaluable lessons for life and deepen your relationship.

Alive Inside!

This blog encourages your understanding of your purpose, life’s meaning, possibilities, and self-discovery.  The topics will help you deepen your connection to Self, Other, and God and support your ability to grow in the spirit by truly owning and deepening your beliefs and ability to love.  As you will follow the spiritual compass for your direction in life you will be alive inside.


Mary Lou Retton's Critical Choice

“It’s only when you get out of your comfort zone and perform that you become a real champion,” Mary Lou Retton told me recently. Retton, an Olympic gymnast who was on Wheaties boxes when this month’s crop of Olympic hopefuls was still in diapers, certainly knows what it takes to be a winner. For her, it came down to one critical choice...



Ron Howard's Critical Choice

Ron Howard’s memorable roles as America’s favorite TV son – first as Opie on The Andy Griffith Show in the 1960s, and then as Richie Cunningham on Happy Days in the 1970s – made him pop culture icon long before he stepped behind the camera as an adult to become one of Hollywood’s leading directors...

Faith and Health

The papers presented in this volume offer interdisciplinary sensitivity to critical matters of health from the perspectives of medicine, psychology, and religion. By drawing upon the expertise of leaders in these fields, this collection provides a holistic understanding of illness and cure. The contributions are selected from interdisciplinary conferences which argue for a return to approaching human health holistically, while maintaining the strengths of the independent dimensions of inquiry. This interdependent perspective emphasizes the integrity of the disciplines and affirms their joint inquiry. Contents: Healing: Science and Faith; Genetic Engineering: Where Do We Draw the Line?; Depression: A Case Study; AIDS and Cancer: The Role of the Helping Professional; Miracles and Technology.


Psychologists, theologians, medical doctors, and Christian clergy discuss the significance of spiritual direction and identify the problems that inhibit one's ability to reach spiritual goals in modern life. They show how the process of being in Christ in truth, life, and light results in personal freedom. The commitment to growth in these qualities provides the foundation for the critical subjects addressed in this book: spiritual discernment and differential diagnosis, identity formation, sexuality, intimacy and relationships, addictions, holistic health, and education. Melding Greek Orthodox Christianity in America with spirituality and more conventional psychotherapy and medical practice, this book makes an uncommon contribution to the religiously diverse spectrum of our ever-expanding multicultural consciousness.

On-Sale Now!

Transformations of Consciousness: 

Conventional and Contemplative Perspectives On Development

By Ken Wilber, Jack Engler, and Daniel P. Brown with chapters by John Chirban, Mark Epstein, and Jonathan Lieff

Drawing on modern psychology and psychiatry, as well as the world's great meditative traditions, this book presents the first 'full-spectrum' model of human development--one that includes both the conventional stages of psychological growth and the 'higher' levels of spiritual development.
Theologian and psychologist John Chirban writes about “Developmental Stages in Eastern Orthodoxy.”  Ken Wilber, states that Chirban provides "an in-depth study, by Harvard theologian John Chirban, of the stages of spiritual development evidenced by saints in Eastern Orthodox Christianity. Chirban' s conclusion: 'Although each saint describes his own experience (often in his own unique way), basic parallels emerge as one compares the stages of the saints with one another. This sameness confirms the catholicity of their experience …  -and the catholicity (or universal applicability) of the basic waves of consciousness themselves, which are similarly reflected in these numerous cross-cultural sources."


Age of Un-Innocence

This blog features commentary on challenges of youth in modern society.  Topics including sexuality, dating, family dynamics, relationships, substance use, peer pressure, body image, spiriutality, stess, value formation, and health-related concerns.  The blog works to offer advice for parents and kids in managing healthy relationships. Addressing difficult topics confronting kids today and providing parents with tools to support and nurture their child’s healthy growth and development.

Sickness or Sin?

Spiritual Discernment & Differential Diagnosis

This book elucidates the contribution of the Christian faith for physical, emotional, and spiritual health and growth. Reminding us that "knowing what to do - and how and when to do it  - defines the task of spiritual discernment and differential diagnosis," editor John Chirban presents the healing and developmental process through the therapeutic encounter.

The result is a book that shows the relationship between healing, therapy, and spiritual transformation in the Orthodox tradition that can be replicated accordingly for various spiritual paths.


Tom Hanks' Defining Moment

Given all of Tom Hanks’ accomplishments – including Oscar Awards for Best Actor for his roles in Philadelphia and Forrest Gump – few people would guess he had a difficult childhood. Hanks was only 5 years old when his parents divorced; he spent the rest of his youth under the care of his father, who married three times and was frequently too busy working to pay much attention to his son...