Children are the real victims of divorce.  Management of these life changing challenges determine their future.  How will you provide leadership and strength to your children when facing divorce. Based on research from more than 10,000 surveys from children and parents of divorce, Collateral Damage  presents parents with an overview of the impact that divorce has on their children and offers ways to better serve their needs at this critical time.

Approximately fifty percent of marriages in the United State fail. Add to that the increasing number of couples who never marry, have children together, and later go their separate ways. In all of these scenarios, children suffer greatly—often in silence, as parents do not know how to effectively guide their kids. When the sorrow and emotional issues of children are not addressed, the cycle of divorce is likely to continue for them and in generations that follow. In addition, while children may appear to be resilient and adjusting, without proper support children of divorce are more prone to drug and alcohol abuse, criminal behavior, mental and physical illness, and suicide. How can parents manage their own hurt, shock, anger, and despair so that they can provide their children with what they need?

Collateral Damage  sounds a wakeup call for parents... and shows parents how to most effectively come through for their kids.  It identifies the landmines inherent in the dangerous terrain of divorce and equips them to help their children not to feel abandoned or unheard. Topics covered include:

  • Building the family—not ending it
  • Tuning into your kids 
  • Meeting your kids real needs
  • Stabilizing childhood
  • Maintaining parent/child roles
  • Being Actively Present
  • Keeping kids out of the war zone
  • Instilling trust
  • Keeping open lines of communication
  • Attuning to guiding, spiritual resources 
  • Inspiring with lessons for a meaningful life

The failure of a marriage does not mean the end of the family. Providing a stable, supportive, healthy relationship with your child demonstrates what a loving relationship looks like, and how their family can thrive, better preparing them for intimate relationships and marriage as an adult.

Collateral Damage

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